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U.S. Factories Buck Decline

January 20th, 2011 | Terry Preuninger

By JAMES R. HAGERTY at Wallstreet Journal

U.S. manufacturing, viewed as a lost cause by many Americans, has begun creating more jobs than it eliminates for the first time in more than a decade.   Click to read entire article

Texas Manufacturing Increased for Fourth Consecutive Month

According to the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey released on Dec. 27, factory activity increased in December.  The production index was positive for the fourth consecutive month.

The outlook for manufacturers continued to improve. Future indexes for production and shipments edged up further. The future new orders index rose to its highest level in four years, with all firms anticipating either increased or stable order volumes.

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State Invests $2.8 Million in Mansfield

Gov. Rick Perry recently announced that the state will invest $2.8 million through the Texas Enterprise Fund in Klein Tools in Mansfield. This will create 585 jobs and generate an estimated $18 million in capital investment.

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