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Need a Job? Move to Texas

AUSTIN While the nation’s job growth has limped along since the economic recovery began two years ago, the Lone Star State is enlarging payrolls in Texas-sized fashion, USA Today<> reports.

“From June 2009 to June 2011 the state added 262,000 jobs, or half the USA’s 524,000 payroll gains, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” the article said.

The article notes that recent job gains are outpacing the rate of Texas’ population growth, with the state’s payrolls rising 2.9 percent since the economic recovery began, while the nation experienced 0.4 percent growth. The article also notes that while energy plays an important part in Texas’ economy, growth has been broadly based across several sectors, including professional and business services, education and health care and leisure and hospitality.

The article also credits Texas’ strong exports, relatively stable housing market, and business recruitment efforts with helping boost the state’s economy.

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Who Said Games were Child’s Play; Video Games

According to the Entertainment Software Association, the video game industry generates more than $25 billion nationally in annual revenue. Texas ranked second nationally in computer and video game employees in 2009, with more than 13,600 individuals directly and indirectly employed by the industry. Additionally, with 21 schools offering video game design and development programs in the 2010-2011 academic year, Texas is ranked third.

The annual growth in the video games industry in 2009 was 11% while the US economy as a whole was 1.4% per Dr. Peter Raad, The Guildhall at SMU.  During 2009 the United States video game industry surpassed total Global music industry sales.

Companies Head Back Downtown

Many companies once thought a suburban location made a lot of sense using the campsus model for office space. Space in office parks was reasonably priced, and employees could buy new single-family homes with yards and access to good schools.  But that trend has begun to change.  As reported by FORTUNE MAGAZINE, a few years ago, the online mortgage lender Quicken Loans began to think about a move to the city. For a technology company, “there is an opportunity cost of not being in an urban environment,” says CEO Bill Emerson. “The youth of America, when they graduate, they’re looking to go to an urban environment.” Top recruits wanted somewhere they could work, live and play and meet other young people. “An asphalt parking lot is not necessarily the best way to do that.”

Quicken Loans moved 1,700 employees from the suburbs into Detroit last year. It plans to move 2,000 more by March 2012, and is developing the whole downtown Woodward Avenue area with the hopes of luring more tech-friendly companies.  To read more click.