Midland Lands the XCOR Aerospace Company

August 15th, 2012 | by Terry Preuninger

I have heard others (outside Texas of course) refer to Midland as a sleepy little town, but they have not been to Midland or the area lately as it is a boom town with the recent oil production activity.  However that is not all Midland is about.  Midland is soon to be home to XCOR  Aerospace a California-based rocket-building company that needs room for testing rocket engines and space planes. It has plans to move its operation to an area of the Midland Airport.

 Texas has a long history of participation in space exploration and now Midland is continuing in the heritage that includs such facilities as Johnson Space center outside Houston or SpaceX, which has a rocket-testing facility in McGregor Texas and recently made history when its Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial vehicle to successfully attach itself to the International Space Station.

Company spokesman Mike Massee said the move could ultimately mean an annual investment of $12 million in payroll there.

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