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Congratulations to Bonham on New Manufacturing Site

Trans Cable International recently signed a 20-year lease on an old factory to manufacture cable in Bonham. The business is expected to bring up to 50 skilled, good-paying jobs to the community during the next three years. County and city officials made up a good portion of the 100 or so persons who attended a ribbon cutting ceremony. The factory will begin operating in Fall 2013, and will employ about 20 people full-time. Trans Cable plans to focus the first year of production on low voltage telecommunication cables. During the next couple of years, 30 more people will be hired as the factory transitions into producing high-tech fiber optic cables. Read more

Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce was the 2012 Community Economic Development Award recipient for population category 100,001 and above at the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) annual conference. They were successful in attracting GE Manufacturing Solutions, the world’s leading manufacturer of rail and transportation products, as the site for a state-of-the-art locomotive manufacturing facility. GE purchased a 670,000 sf facility and is expanding to approximately 900,000 sf to accommodate the production of 250-300 locomotives per year. The $100 million capital investment will bring more than 500 jobs with annual salaries averaging over $40,000 per year. GE received a $4.35 million Texas Enterprise Fund grant, $3.3 million in tax abatements and a $785,000 Skills Development Fund grant.

Extreme Engineering’s Manufacturing Plant Moving to Athens

May 16th, 2012 | Sharon Cook
  1. Extreme Engineering’s executive team unanimously accepted Athens proposal to move the manufacturing plant to Texas.  

 Extreme Engineering, the world leader in climbing walls, zip lines, jumper systems and adventure products has unanimously accepted Athens’ proposal to move the California manufacturing plant to Texas.  “The move is an exciting transition and has been long overdue for Extreme Engineering” states Philip Wilson, Director of Marketing with Extreme Engineering.  Jeff Wilson, president/CEO with Extreme Engineering explains, “By strategically placing our manufacturing plant in the middle of the US, Extreme Engineering can cost effectively produce product, streamline shipments anywhere in the country and all over the world, maintain manufacturing in America and now we are part of the Great State of Texas!”

Johan Engelbrecht, Director of strategic planning with Extreme Engineering, worked closely with Brian J. Malone, President/CEO of Athens EDC, along with Bob Gould, Chairman of the AEDC Board, to secure final project approval. The AEDC Board has graciously provided Extreme Engineering an approved proposal that consists of funding, a manufacturing plant and an additional loan to make the move seamless as possible.  The project funding will be shortly available and the move will be taking place this year.  

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